Presenting the XCMG 50 Tons Truck Crane – The QY50K-II

Through our constant research and sourcing for a better machine to cater to the domestic market,
Finbond is presenting you today with an additional product line from XCMG – the 50 Tons Truck Crane, QY50K-II.
Attracted by the few unique characteristics of the crane – The Innovative Jib System; The Unique Telescoping Technique;
and The New Hydraulic Motor; Finbond believes that the QY50K-II truck crane will definitely satisfy
your requirement for a reliable truck crane.

Features of the XCMG QY50K-II Truck Crane are as follows :-

• The innovative jib system adopts embedded block, plug-in boom head and octagon jib, which has excellent lifting performance and safe and reliable lifting work.
• The unique stretch and retract technique avoids the bend of the core pipe and cylinder and the break of the boom caused by misoperation, improving the safety of the operations.
• Eight patent techniques ensure the smooth, high efficiency and energy conservation of the lifting, rotation, and luffing systems.
• The torque limiter adopts colorful LCD display, realizing the intelligence of the failure diagnosis. The precision is ahead of the industry.
• Adopt the new hydraulic motor with big torque starting point, making the secondary lifting safer.
• The humanity design makes the cab and control cab more spacious, and easy to operate.
• Six unique manufacturing technologies ensure the high quality.

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