No Maker Model Serial No. Condition Status Inquiry Photo
1 HITACHI EX8 2B-3720UP Available
2 HITACHI EX15-2 1AH-01660 Canopy, Rubber trackshoe Available
3 HITACHI EX30UR 6840UP Hitachi mini excavator, Canopy Available
4 HITACHI EX30UR-3 10350UP Hitachi mini excavator, Canopy, Rubber track, Blade, Offset boom Available
5 HITACHI EX35 820UP Hitachi mini excavator, Canopy, Rubber track, Blade Available
6 HITACHI EX60 107-16660UP Track shoe, Piping, Good working condition Available
7 HITACHI EX60 107-17000UP Piping and quick hitch Available
8 HITACHI EX60-2 10K-35790UP Rubber shoe, Bland joint, Offset boom Available
9 HITACHI EX60-3 10S-42440UP Rubber shoe, Piping Available
10 HITACHI EX60-5 1C1P051500UP Japan, fitted with blade Available
11 HITACHI EX100 12E-20300UP Available
12 HITACHI EX100 12E-21400UP Wide shoe, Good working condition Available
13 HITACHI EX120TN-5Z 54090UP Available
14 HITACHI EX120 12H-24690UP Available
15 HITACHI EX120 12H-16280UP Available
16 HITACHI EX120 12H-26250UP Available
17 HITACHI EX120 12H-24510UP Available
18 HITACHI EX120 12H-20970UP SOLD
19 HITACHI EX120-1 24980UP Available
20 HITACHI EX120-5 55330UP Wide shoe, Piping Available

** Last updated on June 14, 2016