07/02/2022 – RENRì (Traditional Chinese: 人日)


The seventh day of the first lunar month is named renrì (Traditional Chinese: 人日), literally Human Day and is considered to be the birthday of ordinary, or common men. The day is also called Day of Men or Men Day. Happy Birthday everyone! 大年初七,人人生日,祝您人日快乐!…

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04/02/2022 – Happy Spring Everyone !

SPRING 1-small

立春到咯! 祝您每一年春意都盎然,祝您每一分春风迎满面,祝您每一秒春花灿烂心情好!立春快乐!…

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02/02/2022 – Finbond’s Employees Wishing You Happy Chinese New Year

祝福的话语永远都不会嫌少。。福气多多,快乐连连,万事圆圆,微笑甜甜,一帆风顺,二龙腾飞,三羊开泰,四季平安,五福临门,六六大顺,七星高照,八方来财,九九同心,十全十美!恭喜发财! Finbond’s employees from different departments wishing you a very Happy Lunar Chinese New Year and a Gong Xi Fa Cai!…

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Happy Chinese New Year From Finbond Heavy Machinery Sdn Bhd


建邦集团祝贺各位新春快乐! 也祝福您在这虎年里喜气洋洋,满面阳光灿烂,事业洋洋得意,生意兴隆,阖家安康,一切万事如意!虎年大吉!虎虎生威! Finbond wishes you a Happy Lunar New Year! May the year of Tiger brings joy, happiness, good health, opportunities and prosperity to you and your family! Gong Xi Fa Cai!…

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Chinese New Year Greetings From Shantui !

上推提前跟各位亲朋友客户们拜年啦!A Chinese New Year greetings from Shantui! #Finbond is the sole distributor for Shantui Bulldozer in Malaysia.…

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Finbond Staff Are Vaccinated – Covid-19 Vaccine 1st Dose


Finbond is taking the social responsibility towards herd immunity for the nation by sending her first batch of employees for their 1st dose of vaccine 3/7/2021. Finbond will arrange vaccination for all the employees by batches to ensure that all her employees are vaccinated in order to have a safe working environment.…

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Food Bank, The Hope


To support and assist for those that are in needs of help and in need of food aid, Finbond sponsors some food aid to Hope Branch in the hope to reach out to more families that raise their white flags and are in need for food aid sponsoring. Should you know anyone that are in needs of food aid, do let them contact the Hope Branch to get through this pandemic.…

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – White Flag


“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one” ~ quote by Mother Theresa During a time where there are so much uncertainty and insecurity, Finbond try to lend a helping hand as much as we can. Behind our Puchong’s workshop and showroom, we saw many kampung houses displaying white flags asking for help. We have then set up a food bank to distribute more than 200 sets of daily basic food and face masks to each of these families hopefully we can help them just a bit to go through these bad times. We also send a…

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建邦集团祝贺各界2020 鼠运亨通,财源滚滚鼠不清! 新年快乐!恭喜发财!Finbond wishes everyone a Gong Xi Fa Cai! Huat ah!!!!!!

Video Song credit to : 词曲: 邓智彰 编曲: 利君雄 ASTRO 2020 贺岁主题曲 – 【好运鼠于你】…

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Top 10 International XCMG Authorised Distributorship


June 2019 – Finbond is among the Top 10 International Authorised Distributorship for XCMG.…

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Training @ Shanghai Diesel. Co., Ltd


Finbond always send their mechanics for training in their principal factory in order to always keep up to date for the updates and repairing technical information!  For this round, Finbond send her Senior Mechanics for training in Shanghai Diesel Co., Ltd in Shanghai!…

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Authorised Service Center For Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd


Finbond proudly announced that we are now the Authorized Service Center for Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd (上柴动力)…

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A Happy Chinese New Year 2019!

Screenshot 2019-01-31 at 10.11.10 AM

Finbond wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! 春节要来了!建邦集团提前跟大家拜个早年,送上暖暖的问候暖暖的祝福! 愿大家猪年过的幸福快乐,万事如意!节日快乐!…

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